Kispoix Waders: CEC2010-003

“Everyone has a Home-Ground. They should remember it and tell others about it.” Les Booth ©2010; painting, Kispoix Steelhead Camp ©2010 Diane Michelin A slight, barely perceptible, rustling of pages lightly disturbed the afternoon silence.  Dust particles danced in the sunbeam sneaking past years of unwashed dirt on the attic window. The rustling continued. Not … More Kispoix Waders: CEC2010-003

Wet Wade: CEC2010-002

 “No real-fly-fishin’-man would wear ‘wimp-assed’ waders in ‘wet-wadin’-time’ Eh?” story ©2010 Les Booth; painting, Wading Wet, ©2010 Diane Michelin The phone was nearing the end of its ring cycle. Two more rings and the really cool answering machine voice would engage. “Hey Y’all! This is Curt’s sexy, silky voiced digital female assistant.  I’ll take your … More Wet Wade: CEC2010-002