CXC Mission

CreXpoCon: the Creative Exponential Contiuum

A Continuum is a continuous succession. Exponential growth doubles in size over regular intervals.

The Creative Exponential Continuum is an effort to bring artists, on all seven continents, together to collaborate on projects covering all forms of artistic expression.

Five principles guide these collaborations.

  • PURE COLLABORATION The opportunity for meeting and working with other artists. Sharing in growth, talent, knowledge, skills, and resources, for the pure enjoyment of creativity.
  • CREATIVE NETWORKINGConnecting with other artists, building relationships and forging future collaborative effort opportunities.
  • EDUCATION Bringing new knowledge, skills, tools, techniques, marketing, markets and more, to the current circle of influence and beyond. Open doors that will remain open well beyond this event.
  • ECONOMIC RETURN There is definitely an underlying goal of developing a product or series of products for the appropriate marketplace. Though this is not the primary purpose of the Creative Exponential Continuum, all of us need to make a living. What better way to do this for all, than in a collaborative atmosphere.
  • 4 POINT AGREEMENT The following is the same agreement I make with every person who agrees to join in a CXC collaboration.
    • All rights and ownership, on originals, retained for use in the development of – eLITHOGRAPHS, prose, or poetry –  without question, remain in the sole possession of the creator (Collaborator).
      • You make it. You own it. Do whatever you wish with it, it’s yours.
    • IF/When a product of a CXC Project goes into Commerical Venture Status (ie, ‘For Sale’, regardless of form or function), the shared proceeds begin from a basis of a “70/30 shared proposition“. After Costs (NET500CG/Les Booth) retains 70% and the CXC (Collaborator) retains 30% of profits.
      • Negotiations may be entertained.
    • ALL eLITHOGRAPH, text, and design created, from all collaborations, will become the sole-ownership/property, of (NET500.CG/Les Booth)
    • The effort of CXC is to promote the (Collaborator) who makes it possible for (NET500.CG/Les Booth) to conduct business, at NO COST to the  (Collaborator), with an EndPoint of Income Generation for – Each (Collaborator) – by any and all of CXC collaborations.

  • NO COMPETITION Do not lose sight of this, This is not a competition. It is – and will always remain – first and foremost – a collaborative environment for learning, networking, development and just plain fun!