Fishing the Maddoxx

OK. Yesterday while I was madly busy writing up more juicy copy and working on the soon-to-be-released-but-is-running-late!!, Tannic Pond Bites, I took a quick-look at Facebook (and we all know that is a seriously inept metaphor for an-hour-zipped-by-before-you-know-it!) where I saw a recent post by A.d. Maddox. She posted one of her infamous ‘trout skin’ … More Fishing the Maddoxx

Invader By Trace

The light.¬† Just easing over the edge of the window sill and pouring down, into the room, like a waterfall, moments before the flash flood engulfs the entire river bed. The photon missile sent from the exploding orb, 93 million — and some-odd-change-miles — out in space, slammed into my over-used, alcohol abused, ocular orb, … More Invader By Trace