Art is a personal effort.  The expression of the inner creative.  There are few things in life more personal than that personal creative expression Yet, many times there is a desire to connect with another creative individual; or a group.

Coffee houses were the seat of such creative discussions since the early part of the 17th century.  Starbucks makes a living daily on the interchange of ideas between creative people.

The Internet has been the great equalizer since it opened.  Dozens and dozens of sites have been created to offer platforms for multitudes of creative people to show their work; to congregate; to discuss; to collaborate.  I have memberships in dozens of them myself.

The Internet has now taken on a new more personal approach; in reality it’s what the pioneers of the Internet envisioned for it from the beginning: Personal Communications.  Today we call it Social Media.

Recently I was reading a Facebook post by a FB Friend – Jeff Kennedy; a most talented artist; whose recent book, Drawing Flies 365; the result of a self-generated project;  was talking about a collaboration he was kicking off with Jason Borger – best known for his fancy fly-casting in the movie, A River Runs Through It – and a very talented artist as well.  This post got me to thinking …  I know a few artists with whom I’d love to collaborate.  So, I reached out and asked.

This is how the OOAK Creative Exponential Continuum got started.  Where it goes from here … well, it’s like we’ve all heard many times before: the sky is the limit.

Come read, look, comment, ask … hey! – join in the fun.  Start your own Creative Exponential Continuum!  Creativity knows no bounds.

OOAK Creative Exponential Continuum


One thought on “About-CXC

  1. Really good thoughts in this article. My coffee shop visits, daily, are on my bicycle – a quick 6 minutes ‘up the road’ and fine coffe and company – conversation varies, but the subject matter is way interesting.


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