A Corner Turned

©2021 Les Booth
“A Corner Turned”, from ‘Ripples in Allusion Creek’
Publication set for September 2022

I turned a corner late last fall 
Up and away came a siren’s call. 
A beckoning vibe, ‘Come follow me,
Join me for a country mile, 
Go with me and I’ll make you smile.
Stay with me and your life will glow,
Come get to know me, we shall grow.”

I did -and it happened- somewhere in the night,
Turned I neither to the left nor to the right.
But onward through the cool night air,
Along the road-lined trees, I’d dare,
She caught me, in mid-thought, Oh my!
I was hooked, gut-hooked, steady burn,
Never let me go, for where would I turn?

I turned a corner, and there she sprawled
Urging me on with each mark she scrawled,
Now under the maniacal control of reality,
Wasted will melting into recompense.
Fate had its way with me, one more mile,
Upon mile, upon mile, upon stimulated mile,
Defeat is such a sweet pleasured isle.

I awoke to agitated malevolence 
No longer in the arms of my sweet mirage,
Nay, tightly locked in a defiant grapple
Imprisoned by mindless psychobabble.
Now under the maniacal control of reality,
Back again in the land of dubious alchemy,
The siren gone, the vibe, Oh my! The corner lost.

I turned a corner and there was no more.
Only vague memory of a time unsure.
Only a vestige trace of longings hot,
Unsure revels of a euphoric clot.
But Oh, the feelings they were real,
Upon the winds of emotion, we do steal.
Will I ever again know her siren song?

©2021 Les Booth
A Corner Turned”, from ‘Ripples in Allusion Creek

This poem is the genesis of a soon-to-be-published Short Story, from the Ripples in Allusion Creek, series. A Corner Turned, was inspired by the photography and friendship of Laura Ragland ( @SunsetSailor ) from Brunswick, Georgia.  Laura is an avid photographer, well-known in the South Georgia coastal areas for her fine depictions of the saltwater, swamp and costal sawgrass landscape portraits.

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