CreXpoCon – The Creative Exponential Continuum … was begun in 2010 with a collaboration between N5CG owner Les Booth and noted Canadian watercolor artist and fly-fishing enthusiast, Diane Michelin.

Diane posted one of her finished paintings on her then new Facebook page and upon seeing it, Les knew, as soon as he saw the image, he had a story to write. He did. Thirty minutes and 800 words later, Freestone Mystery was born, and so was CreXpoCon.

Since that 2010 launch, Les has collaborated with over 175 artists and creative minds, from around the world. To date there are over 250 individual creatives in the CreXpoCon remuda who await collaboration with Les via the CreXpoCon channel.

The outcome of this mass of collaboration will be seen in an array of prints, books, podcasts… maybe even a video channel … to begin leaking out to the public in mid 2019.

Stay tuned and connected to N5CG for updates and announcements, via this website, Facebook/Ofieldsteam, Twitter/beyondtheripples, Instagram/CreXpoCon and more.

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