CXC 365 ISV Day 28

Pat’s Pickle … a most tasty potential side dish for any hungry fish

I guess when you’re a fly creator and you develop a new fly, coming up with a name can be .. well, a pickle. Voila! We have a name. So, I guess, Pat had a difficult time naming this fly and was therefore finding himself in a pickle. Thus, providing him (Pat) with the perfect name.  

Yet, it’s seeming the nature of, ‘being in a pickle’, would explain the reason this fly is known by two names:  Pat’s Rubber Legs and Pat’s Pickle

Yes… they’re really close… !?! 

OK .. it’s got rubber legs and Pat designed it.  But I think he should have just washed the rubber legs idea down the drain and stuck only with the name everyone knows it by… Pat’s Pickle.  

Wasn’t that easy?!?

So tell us: “How does this fly fish?” That’s what we all want to know. Is it worth the effort?

According to the variety of ‘sources’, as I am not familiar with this Pickle fly,  it’s known to fish quite well. When I first saw it I said, “Girdle Bug.”, and that was what others said as well. I’ve never had much luck with the Girdle Bug this side of the Rockies… but hey, I’ve not fished much with it, in the midwest and east, either.

Pat’s Pickle was created to mimic a stonefly. So, when I see the Pat’s Pickle fly, I also think Bitch Creek… with the legs rearranged. If you fish it in the same manner, you’ll likely get good results.

But I gotta say, the real allure of this fly … is the name. Gotta love the name. I find pickles to be one of my favorite support foods. And as such, I’ll dunk a Pat’s Pickle just on that weight of faith alone.

So, drop a Pat’s Pickle, the next time you’re working a long stretch water with interesting deep holes. You might be surprised to find a big fish that thinks it’s pregnant, or is finding itself in a … well, Pickle… and falling for Pat’s creation.