CXC 365 ISV Day 27

The Chubby Chernobyl; bulky iteration of the Chernobyl Ant…

Big body, high floating fly that is, on many waters, a go-to-fly. It can mimic so many large stoneflies and hoppers. The high flotation of the large body is great of using the dry-as-an-indicator setup. Drop a smaller fly; from wet fly to beadhead; off the hook bend, on 4x-5x tippet to reach down and out from the big dry fly’s highly visible position.  Teasing up the piscatorial provocateurs amid the flowing benthic zones.

It’s auspicious beginning came in the bloom of fly-fishing’s post River Runs Through It tsunami. A time when more and more fishers were plying the waters as fly-fishers. Tyers were experimenting with a plethora of new space-age materials; remaking and repurposing old favorites into new creations to wile the fish from their lairs.

It was in the crucible of Utah’s Green River guides that the genesis of the Chernobyl Ant began. And boy are we fly-fishers of today, glad!

The Chernobyl Ant may have been developed to catch trout, but it’s been effective on dozens of species of fish around the world; fresh and saltwater. Add to that count 100X, to account for the harvest of fly-fishermen, the Chernobyl and it’s many variations have made!

The Chubby Chernobyl comes in an ever widening matrix of variations. Each seeks to imitate… the hoppers of the meadow-flow trout streams of the West; the big stones of the ‘trout dreamtime’, found on many of the same rivers; and any big piece of ‘meat’ to draw out the true denizens of the deep found in those waters.

Yet the Chubby, and the dozens of iterations found for the Chernobyl Ant, are found quite successful on a number of the big-fan-based warmwater species. Such as, Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass, White bass, Striped bass, Pike, Musky, Walleye, White Crappy, Black Crappy, Wipers, Warmouth and Rock bass… to name those I’m aware of being taken on a version of the Chernobyl Ant; including the Chubby Chernobyl.

As you head out to your favorite water don’t forget to bring along your truly – nuclear option – The Chubby Chernobyl.