CXC 365 ISV Day 26

When you hear the word, “Cahill”, what comes to mind?  If you’re an Outdoor Writer or reader of interesting and intriguing adventures told in peak detail, you’ll likely have the name, Tim Cahill (a most amazing outdoor writer), come to mind.  However, if you’re a fly-fisher, then you’re more than likely to think of Tim … AND the product of a man by the name of Dan Cahill.  Well, maybe just Tim, AND the very handsome, highly effective, little fly-fishing fly called the Light Cahill.  To which the majority of people have no idea the connection to one, Dan Cahill.

In 1884, more than a couple of summers ago, Dan was struck with the need to take fate in his own hands. On a hot, humid summer day aboard his job, as a brakeman, on the Lake Erie and Lackawanna Railroad, his trains passage north; to its likely destination; was blocked by a derailed work train.  His forward progress, that of the train, and a soon-to-be-dead-from-the-heat, container of brood stock rainbow trout, were all ground to long-waiting-stoppage.

Seeing the need as eminent, Dan gathered up other crew members to assist him in carrying the bulky, heavy container of trout, one-mile back down the track to the cool confines of Callicoon Creek.  It was that unscheduled stocking, of rainbow trout; destined for the Caledonia Fish Hatchery, that provided the offspring that would eventually populate the Delaware Watershed as we know it today.

Though today, Dan would likely be fined – and maybe jailed – for illegally planting an invasive species into Callicoon Creek, most folks would really just like to shake his hand.

But that’s not all Dan is known for.  For Dan Cahill is the originator of the Light Cahill dry fly.  He no doubt used it on his native brook trout, as he was using the fly before the unscheduled rainbow trout stocking in Callicoon Creek.

Thus … the line between what we know and what we ‘could know’ is a rather interesting stretch of life.  All you need do is cast it and see what rises.  Just like this beautiful little fly.  Tie-one-on, cast it, and see what rises to it.

We hope you enjoy this offering, Cahill Trout and the No.26 Study.  Enjoy.

— CreXpoCon

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