CXC 365 ISV Day 25

Every fly-fisher, every guide, every fly shop owner… have a desire in common: continuity.  And the center of their Continuity of Universal Fly-Fishing (CUFF) , it is the, FLY.

That wee object of feather, fur or synthetic, designed for deceitful dalliance and used to convince a specific member of the piscatorial world of aquatic creatures, to engage in a friendly battle of wits, will and cunning.  Bare line has never been much of a conductor for the electricity of fishing.   And if the fly is tossed into the water, the fish may bite on it, but the offering… well, there’ll be no connection made between the jousters.

However, the moment the line and fly are connected a marvelous moment of engagement is possible. It takes both line and fly to complete the circuit we seek as fly-fishers, with the members of the world of fishes.

Thus, the FLY, playing the rusé funeste, as the essential element, in this man-2-fish connection, becomes the special element of Continuity… sought.

Having, ‘the fly’, a ‘hot fly’, a ‘go-to-fly’… nay, a ‘secret fly’… is the clouded clandestine holy grail of fly-fishing.  But such paradigms cannot be held in confidence for long.  Especially today.

When Ryan posted his Day No.25, 365 Fish Study, I was introduced to a ‘new-to-me’ fly.  Though the Frenchie fly has been around for some time (1).  I connected with Lance Egan, designer of the variant, Egan’s Frenchie, for some background and thoughts.  According to Lance, and many other comments, the Frenchie is well known for being a ‘go-to-fly’.

As Lance wrote in an article for Fly Fish Food (for which he’s an editor) … Egan’s Frenchie“The Frenchie is one of my go-to patterns for sure.  It’s quick to tie, and fish love it.”  I’d call that a very ‘hot-fly’ recommendation.

So, when it comes to important occupants of the fly box, it would appear speaking a bit of Frenchie love lingo at the end of the line might just be the ticket to get that tug-o-line going!

Hope you enjoy the offering this Day No.25 of the 365 ISV… Le Frenchie.

— CreXpoCon


(1)I am still searching for the exact origins; when I find that information, I will post and update.)

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