CXC 365 ISV Day 23

Oh!!! The travails of the Striped Bass (Striper – Morone saxatilis ) fisherman!  Bad weather. Rough weather. Fish On. Fish Off.  Explosions and explicatives.  Exultation and exhilaration in a colliding roller coaster maelstrom with anguish and agitation. The striper addict has much in common with the Steelheader of the same obsession.  Many combine both miseries. But just try to convince them to give it up.  On second thought… DON’T.  That could be a very bad choice.  Just salute their efforts and know they are deep-down enjoying their own brand of joy amid the bars and stripes of their world.

In 1941 an accidental blockage of the Santee Cooper reservoir in South Carolina brought the saltwater anadromous Perciforme to the realm of freshwater impoundments.  Since then their numbers have graced numerous large impoundments across the continental U.S.  Then in the early ’70s female striped bass(Morone saxatilis) were crossed with males of the white bass (M. chrysops) species to create the Hybrid Striper, first known as the Cherokee Bass, from it’s original implant in Tennessee’s Cherokee Lake.  Now commonly referred to as Hybrids (Southeast) and Wipers (Midwest).

Bringing the same gusto of tackle-busting, mind-altering fishing adventure to the land lubbers that have driven coastal fishermen to drink and ulcers for generations.  And we ain’t looked back or regretted it since.

Enjoy, Bars ‘N Stripes … study, verse and layout.

— CreXpoCon

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