CXC 365 ISV Day 21

One fish that stands out in the minds of most fisherman – regardless of the gear used – is the Marlin.  Hemingway saw to this with his infamous novel, ‘Old Man and the Sea’.   Huge, muscular fish, living and racing through the pelagic waters of the oceans around the world.  Feeding on bait schools of fish – mid-ocean and near-shore – their lighting bursts of speed and feeding frenzies are adrenalin kickers.  To tackle with one of these brutes. at the end of a mere stick of graphite (let alone to contemplate the bamboo of Hemingway’s era!) stout enough to handle the bone-jarring lunges for freedom, jaw-dropping aerial displays leaping to spit their steel binds, is either top or near-top on the Bucket List of every angler.

This is Ryan Keenes’ Flank Tribute to the mighty Marlin, in his 365 Fish Study, on this Day-21/365-run to-the-end-of-2018.  It’s our 21st set in the 365 ISV CreXpoCon collaboration, showing the poem created for this study and set in the ‘story background’.   We hope you enjoy,  Marlin Storm    CreXpoCon

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