CXC 365 ISV Day 20

 OK Ryan, here you go, for Day #20/365, befitting your razzle-dazzle of the infamous Gartner Gurgler, developed by the late and iconic, Jack Gartner, I offer the following complimentary verse.  The Gurgler is a well-known fly that is incredibly successful in salt and fresh water fly-fishing.  I hope our ‘study contributions’ are honorable enough … so give the Gurgler Bug Surprise a nudge!   Enjoy.



Since I used a rather legibility-challenged font for this image, I thought I’d add the verse in here, for a bit more clarity.

Gurgler Bug Surprise

Upon a water weak and weary
Floats the Gurgler Bug Surprise
Floating high upon the crest
Teasing well the dwellers in.

GBS moves in jagged jerks
The surface sends keenegraphs
Down below, in the darkness deep

Rustles a form in primal mode.

Rising fast on columnar flow
Lurks a mighty teeth filled mouth
All nasty ’n ramped-up attitude
A mission missile ready to explode.

Ol’ GBS don’t have a clue
Don’t need one, got his own surprise
The Lurkins in for a sure-fin-kickin’
Ol’ GBS is puttin’ some hurt in’ta play.

©2018 Ofieldstream

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