CXC 365 ISV Day 9

Day No. 9 comes along on the heels of a really cool image on Day No. 8.  But, we shift gears here as Ryan Keene takes the image from a saltwater venue to a cooler water, deep in tannin tinged land, the stronghold of the Big Toothed members of the Esox family: the Pike and Musky.

For these critters the fly needs only two requirements:  BIG and BUSHY.  Ryan has laid upon us a gorgeous Big Tooth Fly.  Kudos again Ryan!!  I hope y’all enjoy the little poetic story inspired by Ryan’s amazing lines and tones.  Ryan touches a sweet tune of contemplation for me, with this fly.  Nod and doff… to you, Sir Keene!

Enjoy #8 in the CXC 365 ISV collaboration between myself (Les Booth) and Ryan Keene.  I hope you enjoy the read of,  Foggy KeenEsox Days.



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