CXC 365 ISV Day 8

Day No. 8 – The beginning of the 2nd week – only 51 to go!! – of the conjoined collaboration between myself (365 IIR) and Ryan Keene (365 Fish Study)… in a joint CreXpoCon duet of creativity, that I have now named, CXC 365 ISV (Image.Study.Verse).

Today, I apply a bit of parody comedy, that will hopefully keep the Irish-descent lad out of the melancholy and place a chuckle or ten upon his blarneyed brow!

The SHRIMP.  For many is a delectable delight.  But, humans are NOT alone in this surge for crustacean meat!  Nearly everything that swims or crawls in the SHRIMP’s environment vies for THEM. They are on everyone’s menu.  It would not be surprising to find that SHRIMPS are one of the most nervous of creatures.  Hence, the basis for the, Crustkeeneian Plea.  Enjoy.  — CXC


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