CXC 365 ISV Day 1

Facebook Artist Community (CreXpoCon) 2018 – Ryan Keene was handed the Keys to the 365 Fish Study for 2018, by the 2017 365 Fish Study master, Yusniel Santos. I am currently working with Yusniel on a collaborative effort involving the journey through his 2018 year of study and discovery.

I approached Ryan with a similar idea, but added a twist; I proposed to add an original ‘verse’ to accompany his daily studies; in the form of Haiku or Poetry; my 365 IIR, or 365 Image In Reflection.

To make it a simple IDENTIFICATION, I have named this effort the CXC 365 ISV:  CreXpoCon 365 Image.Study.Verse.

We are testing the waters.  Tell us what you think.  Thank you for your input.


365 ISV, Keene-Booth CreXpoCon, Day #001 – Sic Incipit


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