Near 2 Nirvana

Near 2 Nirvana

Oh, race my quickening pulse.
The blood flows amid true lines,
Over hill, under a rising sun,
Taunted by the cold’s pure white.
Anxious I await, look and listen,
For the singing o’ siren song,
True flow my pure delight.

Press on, and quicken thy pace
Make haste before the rise.
Into the air, the tiny Kings fly
In search of Queen’s fortnight.
A stirring begins the dance
Between the feeders lie,
Enhance my likely chance.

Over hill across yon dale
My trusty steed doth fly.
Round a corner do I seek
A gem upon whom I’ve set.
My eye seizes the prize?
Not yet! Not yet! But still,
We hasten at full tilt.

Around a bend our steed doth skid
Afore my eye casts pure joy.
Valkyrie’s light doth not compare,
What appears on Valley floor.
Kings and Queens do a mating dance
Come far? Indeed I have.
My destiny… I now deploy.

©2017 Ofieldstream
Near 2 Nirvana
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