Clear voice the image has
Gaunt and deathly pale,
Quite sordid yes, a fantastic tale.
Once pondered long in time,
All is told obtuse my dear
Repeat I must for you here,
In due time clarity arrives
Revealed above as is.

Tossed aside as haunting stones
Quarried up for slaking lust,
Convulsed aside they rot to dust.
Emotions lost, Yea squandered
Here, there, who’s to dare.
On the heap of lost attempts
Love is never seen nor felt,
Only sensation’s erotic brush
With life as casual as
Exhaled breath.

To where must we look for help?
Blind eye is not the seek
Condemnation is for the weak.
Alienation is all too cheap,
In the end confusion rules
The observer left to weep.
Choices made decisions lost
Did we ever consider full
The deeper slash in human cost?
Groping in the dark for parts
No connection made with hearts,
Darkness engulfs our vain attempts
Losing touch seems solace as repent!
Yet to rise above the fray,
Upon the trash where we lay.
As the Phoenix from olden tales
Amid the spurn of anguished wails
We find an answer
Tucked away.

Amid our groping thoughts connect
Lost form is now remembered,
Hark! What have we seen amid
The loss of all, but respect.
Faint and frail, barely seen
No feeling sensation is so lean
As those of out-stretched hope
Anchored solely on frayed thin rope.
But that is what we have in hand
Uniting even our sorted band.
In bits and pieces we rejoin
Arm to hand and leg to groin
We come together, we do reform,
Out of the many disparate parts
We find true feelings,
To regain our heart.
Up from the ashes of time long past
We stand together as the die is cast,
Stronger for the pain we know
Upon the edge of shadow flow,
Do You and I have hope to keep
Rising up,
From The Heap.

My CXC Collaborations cover a wide expanse of geography: spanning the globe.  I work with people all over the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and Africa.  The work can range from photographers and artists who work primarily with outdoor themes, to fine artists and creatives de jour.   I enjoy all the people I get to work with and learn from each of them.  I am inspired by them and their talents.  It’s their creations that inspire me to put words together and to create eLITHOGRAPHS for those words.

I hope you enjoy the efforts of the CreXpoCon teams.  We sure enjoy putting this material together.



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