Rainswept: Black Mountain

I am surrounded by a great company of visual artists; painters, sculptors, carvers, metal and fabric artists, photographers and videographers. All who with the push of a brush, click of release, gouge of a blade, spark of an arc, pull of a needle and more, create amazing visuals that simply cause me to overflow with words.  And some of those words end up on pages, some on images I create.

One such image was the inspiration for the eLITHOGRAPH, Rainswept Over Black Mountain, below. The inspiration was provided in the form of a ‘casual photo’, taken by the incomparable, Scott T. Baxter of Scottsdale, Arizona.

As Scott said, in his Facebook post, “… off the back porch this evening.”  Well it may have an ‘off-hand’ photo from the ‘back porch’, but it was NOT  in any wise, regular or ordinary.  Well, that is unless you live in such country where scenes like this are, as they say; where such immensities occur regularly; “… as common as hens teeth.”   Such is NOT the case for most of the country.  Of course, we, even in the more mundane and regular parts of the great land, have our moments. And some are downright breath-taking.  BUT .. we’ll never see this in Indiana!  If we do, we high-tail-it for the tornado shelter!!

I thank Scott for his creativity and thoughtful sharing on Facebook and his gracious permission to use his photo as the base for the eLITHOGRAPH, Rainswept Over Black Mountain and the poem Rainswept Slope.

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Otherwise this bit of scribble would likely never have existed.  Maybe a good thing that would have been; maybe not. I’d like to think this was another marvel of serendipity.  I hope you do as well.   Enjoy.   -CXC

Rainswept, poem and eLITHOGRAPH
An evening downpour over an Arizona mountain, is the eLITHOGRAPH, ‘Rainswept Black Mountain’, giving rise to the poem, ‘Rainswept’. eLITHOGRAPH 30″ x 20″, prints as watercolor w/surprint topography

Scott T. Baxter is an amazing creative eye, who uses photography to record his vision. His work spans a vast array of commercial, editorial and project photography. His passion is, The West; with a very specific love for the Cowboy and his Life. And Scott is a master at bringing that Lifestyle to an image that will forever blend with your heart and soul.

Scott has a book out, 100 Years, 100 Ranchers. It is a marvel of photography and history. Contact Scott (click his name for his Facebook page) for details; he has a few on-hand copies left.

He is working on a large palladium print project called, Top Hand Project. It’s a grandiose affair. Promising to be a most appealing visual reminder of who really ‘keeps a ranch running’. An up-close and personal portraiture of the many hands that keep the cows moving, fences mended, machinery working, business operating … and on occasion, life a living.

Scott is now busy with the eminent release of new book, Scott Baxter’s Arizona: Life On The Range; an Arizona Highways publication. Check his Facebook page for more information coming.

If you’re not familiar with Scott and his work, then mosey on over and visit his website : scottbaxterphotographer.com . Your visual sensibility will thank you. -AOJ

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