Cutthroat Palate

In the late summer heat of wide-open Montana, amid the upper reaches of the Judith Basin, the grass has dried, water – from the higher elevations, some 40 miles away and 3,000 feet higher – is running, slower and clear; and at it’s lowest ebb. From the mid-day to the near-evening, the sun bakes everything … More Cutthroat Palate

Fishing the Maddoxx

OK. Yesterday while I was madly busy writing up more juicy copy and working on the soon-to-be-released-but-is-running-late!!, Tannic Pond Bites, I took a quick-look at Facebook (and we all know that is a seriously inept metaphor for an-hour-zipped-by-before-you-know-it!) where I saw a recent post by A.d. Maddox. She posted one of her infamous ‘trout skin’ … More Fishing the Maddoxx


Nothing moved. Not sound. Not time. Not my mind. Everything was in lock-step frame. Only my eyes were in motion. But not real motion; scanning, perceiving, transmitting. They were only in a primal recording mode. Time – and everything in its being – was on hold. Three months earlier I had set out across the … More Sankali