In true CreXpoCon fashion, an inspiration hit me like a ton of cotton-balls by way of a photo from another good Facebook Friend and CXC collaborator. This one from Kent Reeves .. with his co-pilot; trusty and loyal cattle dog; Zero.

I just couldn’t help it. The moment I cast a glance upon that photo, the words began to flow. The full force of  the creative flood took hold the moment I read the word: co-pilot!

Here is the eLITHOGRAPH of Kent and Zero and their poem, ‘Co-Pilot’.

NOTE: On the original 18″ x 12″ print, the text is large enough to read. But that image would be far too large for display here.  I added the poem below for your reading pleasure. I do hope y’all enjoy.   — CreXpoCon


Over my shoulder his head did pop
Barking his orders not to stop
My foot hit the pedal and gas I did give
On to where, we were yet to live.

No waver was found, he was clear of voice
Where we were headed was all his choice.
I leaned in close for additional support,
A cold nose and muzzle was my total report.

On down the highway our carrier did roam,
Occasional ‘Woofs’ and a sordid moan,
Floated on air that caused me to groan!
Putting the Big Bear sun to our side,
‘Twas northerly, our destined ride.

Silence had been my companion awhile,
I asked, “Flight plan, did you file?”
Continued silence was the response I felt,
That is until the odor that began the melt.

Rapid was the roadside exist we made,
Door opened quickly, I followed with spade.
Business attended, we’re back in a flash,
Lesson #1 of the Co-Pilot’s dash.

We rode for an hour in country I knew
When suddenly came destination in view.
Loud noises from behind
Now clouded my mind
As I turned right, into the old ranch lot
I felt slobber and dribbles I knew as snot.

Woofs and Barks and pleating squeals
Brought on by braking and dusting of wheels.
Amid the cloud of corral blown dust
Strolled the reason, and it was lust.

For there She was all slick and replete
My Co-Pilot’s focus, awash in her heat.
I’d be lying if I were to chort’
At the antics displayed that day in her court.

Be ready for anything, ’tis honest’n truth
If you follow the order of the old hounds tooth.
A lesson I learned and noted that day
Never assume what your Co-Pilot might say.
I wrote in my journal this informative log,
“Be ready for anything, when your Co-Pilot is Dog”.


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