Cowboy Tales: Beginning

Fiddlin’ Pete Watercott – captured by Cowboy photographer, Kent Reeves – partnered with les booth to produce this eLITHOGRAPH, Cowtown Tales story. More to come …

Every cowboy has his list of tales, especially those he makes when he enters a new location. Even more interesting will be the new towns, cow-towns.
This little story is inspired by a photograph, taken by Kent Reeves, Cowboy Conservationist & Photographer, and mulepacker extraordinaire, who has his own interesting photographic essay going. He does have a most interesting list of folks to record. Like the gent in this image, Fiddlin’Pete – Peter J Watercott. I have never heard Peter fiddle, but I can just imagine the sound echoing off that big-brim hat being a sweet low tune calling me back to the sagebrush alley where I belong.

Do enjoy.

The image is poster size 32″ x 20″.

Read the text in larger format .. at this address:

Thanks to Kent Reeves and Peter J Watercott for permission to indulge them in my scribble fantasies. Hope y’all enjoy.

This is the first in a series of images and story built around the theme, ‘Cowboy Tales’. Look for more coming in the near future.

Cowboy, Fiddler & A Fuchsia Haze

By the pale of a shivaree moon,
My boots upon new path trod.
In a cowtown where I was unknown,
In surroundings made unsure
By the lack of livestock smells,
And the tinkle of dance hall belles.
But forward I trod in pursuit,
Of what I have no sure intent,
It just seemed worth the pace.

How far had I stumbled,
Into this urban world I roamed.
Unknown for a languid time,
Until the note did perk my ear
Coming from a source unknown,
Calling me in its direction.
I answered with no predilection,
Curiosity being my guide,
I followed in hot pursuit.

Lighted street, lonely walks beckoned,
Amid the garbage strewn refuse.
My stride did utterly quicken,
Not from fear but smitten
With an unknown quantity,
I delighted in squarely.
My stride took on the air,
Of a leaf in afternoon breeze,
Dancing to a sweet familiar beat.

Strange the hue of distant glow,
Reminds of post rain western sky.
Sharp purple mixed in gold,
The color of royals, so I am told
When jesters played court,
In days long gone and old.
The familiar tune flew by again,
Encouraged, grey cells took t’quiver,
Like moth to flame I did deliver.

Quickened my pace in fast retort,
Into the distant hue I strolled.
Rounding the corner of a dark red barn,
I caught a warm familiar sight
Of dancers kickin’ jig,
To the tune of a fiddler’s reel.
Before I knew it,
I was dancin’ to it,
And in the arms of a golden haired girl.

Around and around, we did go,
For’t’I knowed it, we’s ‘da show.
Whirled she did a big hooped skirt,
My heart near burst clean’my shirt
Amid the music, sounds ‘n all,
Then I saw him slim ‘n tall.
He drew a golden horsehair bow,
Across the neck of maple strong
‘Or strings of cat gut tight ‘n new.

The notes he played upon that night,
Filled my soul full perfuse.
Grabbed me like, ‘lectric shock,
I could not -would not- let it go
Rhythm rocked my inner chords,
I couldn’t let go, even had I tried.
All because of the fiddler man,
Bathed in light gone fuchsia pure,
Topped in a big, flat-brimmed hat.

The golden haired girl pulled me close,
A growin’ smile belied my fear.
The Fiddler Man must’a ‘knowed,
He struck upon a familiar chord
It hit my ear, melted all the fear,
As our boots lit up the floor.
We swayed ‘n swirled to the cat gut tune,
Soon’s as our eyes met, the fiddle struck,
With fuchsia light, the room had filled.

How long that fiddler played,
I can only speculate.
When I realized I had stopped,
The empty stage caught me hard
Realized the golden hair girl was gone,
Took me to my knees.
Thin ribbon of a rising sun,
Broke the fuchsia haze,
Mid lingri’n notes, hung a fiddler’s tune.

Was it true or just a dream?
A reality I could not confirm.
My boots were warm ‘n bore dancin’ use
I smelled of ginger, heather and sweat,
Midst a feelin’ of growin’ deep regret.
To this day when fuchsia tints the sky,
I pause to listen for the sound,
Cat gut playin’ the shivaree moon,
By a fiddler, in a big, flat brimmed hat.



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Cowboy Tales: Cowboy, Fiddler & Fuchsia Haze by les booth is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
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